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CSCI 123 Introduction to Web Development
Fall 2021    

Link to Assignments and Due Dates

Week Topics Covered

Week 1



Introduction to the course

  • Go over syllabus
  • What you'll learn
  • What you need
  • Assignments
  • Grading
  • Expectations
  • Lab time
  • Edinboro Network
  • Take roll
  • Make sure all of us can run the Adobe software
  • Make sure you all want to learn about making web pages!!
  • Take notes because all the necessary information is not in the book.

Your Homework Website:

Implement the following:

  • Create the initial web page for every student that has a link to all future homework
  • Make it live on the eup web server
  • Briefly explain how internet works as it relates to Edinboro and your web pages.
  • Make sure we can all get to the EUP WebDir directory

    For example, if your login name was dt123456:

    When taking the course on campus:
    In File Explorer -> \\eup\dfs\webdir\dt123456

    When taking the course from home:
    Using FTP-> in file explorer type into the address bar:
    Then login using your EUP login. Then you'll have access to your webspace
    You then create your webpages on your computer, when finished you copy them up to the webstorage directory. Make sure you use good directory strutucure.
      1. Open File Explorer
      2. type in in the adresss bar up top.
      3. Login
      4. This will open up the folder containing your files
      5. Open another instance of File Explorer
      6. Use drag-and-drop to copy your files to the web server

To see your web page live on the Internet:
In a browser ->

Web Site Work flow:

  1. Define scope of project, objectives, target audience, schedule & available resources
  2. Develop Design strategy and establish the look and feel of the web pages
  3. Develop Prototype (This will be our actual site)
  4. Present to client
  5. Assemble & create the web site.

Start Chapter 1 - How the internet works


Chapter 1 - Internet and web page basics

  • Chapter 1 Notes
  • Discuss what we'll use to create web pages.
  • Notepad vs. Dreamweaver vs. Brackets
  • Work on making our homework page
  • Introduce Brackets (hopefully)

Steps to Create a Web Site

  1. Create the folders you will need in Windows Explorer
  2. Create a new HTML document
  3. Create your first page (index.html) in your web site.
  4. Notes on how to start your web pages

  ***  Don't forget to make Folders!!   ***
  ***  Don't forget "No spaces in folders or web page names!!" these become URLs    ***

Chapter 2 - HTML Basics

  • Finish Chapter 1 notes
  • Create a template.html page for trying new things

<!DOCTYPE html>
<html lang="en">
<title>Page Title Goes Here</title>
<meta charset="utf-8">


  • Start Chapter 2 Notes if time
    • Heading
    • Paragraph
    • Line break vs. new paragraph
    • Lists
    • Special Characters
    • HTML syntax validation
    • Anchor
    • Hyper-link
    • e-mail link
  • Let's do some hands-on exercises from the book in chapter 2. (Maybe 2.4)

Chapter 2 - HTML Basics

  • Finish Chapter 2 Notes
  • Make a page using heading elements for our fonts
  • show example of <br> vs. <p>
  • Make ordered and unordered lists
  • Use of anchors
  • hyper-links
  • make an e-mail hyper-link
  • Talk about Yoga Studio Case Study

Chapter 3 Web Design Basics

Zoom recording of 9/8/2021



Chapter 4 - Cascading Style Sheets


Chapter 4 - Cascading Style Sheets

  • Continue with some examples
  • Discuss the exam
    • Create a simple HTML pages according to some specs I give you.
    • Read the chapters again for review
    • Practice CSS
    • Practice Exam
    • HTML
    • Design
    • Review Page

Exam 1:
Sept. 22nd (in class or remote?)


Chapter 5 - Web Graphics Styling Basics

Solution to Pacific Trails up to Chapter 4


Chapter 6 - More CSS

Image Map (not in the book)


Chapter 7 - Page Layout Basics

  • Vertical and horizontal navigation
  • Using CSS
  • Using DIV and their placement



Chapter 8 - More on Links, Layout, and Mobile

  1. Chapter 8 Notes



Review for the Exam

Discuss the exam

  • Chapter 5 - Graphics and Styling
  • Chapter 6 - More CSS
  • Chapter 7 - Page Layout
  • Chapter 8 - More on Links, Layout, and Mobile

I'm thinking a practical exam, create a web site and e-mail me the URL.


Review: Exam 2 Notes

Review Practice Sheet

Exam 2 - Chapters 5 through 8
April 5th




Chapter 9 - Table Basics


Chapter 10 - Form Basics

  • Our server doesn't support server side programming though
  • Chapter 10 Notes
  • Work on Form

Chapter 11 - Media and Interactivity Basics



Working with MS Word


Java Script

Lets Make a web page that caclulates something, like maybe a temperature converter. We'll use forms.

Link to the Javascript page


Review for Final

Review Notes


Final Exam

Final Exam , Wednesday December 8th


Is on Fridays !

Due Date Description
Some Notes

Homework Files → Files for the Hands-On Exercises

Author's web page where you can download the files and unzip them

Notes on how to start your web pages
My Sample Homework page


Chapter 2 - Hands on Practice Exercises staring with 2.3
** Skip hands on 2.10 **
Case study Path of Light Yoga Studio - starts on Page 65


Chatper 3 - Hands on Exercise number 1 only.  → Make a simple web page for your answer and link to your homework page.  For part ' g. ' just list the Best Practices that they did not follow.  If you don't like any of the ones listed you can choose your own.
* No Path of Light Yoga Studio for Chapter 3 *


Chapter 4 Hands-On Practice Exercises except 4.8.

Chapter 4 Modify your Path of Light Yoga Studio web page.


Chapter 5 Hands-On Practice Exercises

Path of Light Yoga Studio for chapter 5


Chapter 6 Hands-On Practice Exercises

Chapter 6 Path of Light Yoga Studio


Chapter 7 Hands-On Practice Exercises

Chapter 7 Path of Light Yoga Studio


Chapter 8 Hands-On Practice Exercises

Note: in 8.7 you need to delete the "nav" from the bottom list of style declarations for the print to work correctly (taking out the menu) in the BistroPrint.css

Chapter 8 Path of Light Yoga Studio


Chapter 9 Hands-On Practice Exercises

Chapter 9 Path of Light Yoga Studio


Chapter 10 Hands-On Practice Exercises

Chapter 10 Path of Light Yoga Studio


Chapter 11 Hands-On Practice Exercises

Chapter 11 Path of Light Yoga Studio


Word assignment
12/3 Java Program



Some Helpful Sites:

How to prevent your AP Divs from not positioning correctly when your page size adjusts