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  • I'd like to know what you expect from this course.

  • We'll Go over the syllabus, roll, talk about the class, what is Computer Science, stuff like that

  • We'll talk about computing resources available at Edinboro & more specifically at the CS department.

  • If time we'll start with Introduction to Computer Science  (Chapter 1 - Computer Science Illuminated)


- Many members of the computer science club have been working on the computer science wiki, you can find a like for this wiki at the club site

Continue with Chapter 1

Book site:


Binary Values & Number Systems (Chapter 2 – Computer Science Illuminated)

Continue with Chapter 2

Data Representation (Chapter 3 – Computer Science Illuminated)


Gates and Circuits (Chapter 4 – Computer Science Illuminated)



Gates and Circuits (Chapter 4 – Computer Science Illuminated)
I'd like to go over some questions in the back, build some circuits

Logic Problem

Logic Diagram Builder

Computing Components (Chapter 5 – Computer Science Illuminated)


 Exam Review - Chapters 1-5

Today I want to go over the homework and the review below.

Also answers any questions

Study Guide

Exam #1 September 30th - Chapters 1 through 5 inclusive.


Problem Solving and Algorithm Design (Chapter 6.1-6.3 – Computer Science Illuminated

Problem Solving Methodology (Chapter 6.4-6.6 – Computer Science Illuminated) - talk about program design.

Ok, no class today, I know, I know your all disappointed

But! I have a project for you:

Write the Pseudocode for a program that calculates the standard deviation of a group of numbers.  Look here (or use your own source) for how standard deviation works.  Include variable definitions.  Lets say there will be 10 numbers you need to compute standard deviation for.

Bring you solution to class on Monday to be discussed and collected.


Finish Chapter 6 and Go over Pseudocode and Algorithm Design

Meet in Dundee lab

We'll implement our solution to our Standard Deviation Problem

We might start Chapter 8

Do the Fahrenheit to Celsius conversion program for next time.


** Meet in Dundee **

Go over the Fahrenheit to Celsius conversion program

Low-Level Languages (Chapter 7 – Computer Science Illuminated)

Pep/7 Simulator

Write your name

1. Convert your first name to Hex
2. Load the instructions into the Pep 7 Simulator's memory, use the 11100000 op code for loading direct, which is EO in hex.
3. for example load:
E0 00 44 into the 1st 3 bytes of memory. to make it put a 'D' to the output
4. Do this for every letter in your first name
5. Run the program.


** Meet in Dundee **

High-Level Languages (Chapter 8 – Computer Science Illuminated)


10/26 ** Meet in the Classroom **

- Need to catch up with Ch 8 & Ch 9

Abstract Data Types (Chapter 9 - Computer Science Illuminated)

Continue with algorithm development in Pseudocode:

1. Fill up an Array from a file
2. Add an element to that Array
3. Remove an element from the Array
4. Add an element to a Sorted Array


Turn in the Homework, bring 2 copies and we'll review.


Exam #2 Chapters 6 - 9


- Roles of the Operating System (Chapter 10 – Computer Science Illuminated)


File Systems (Chapter 11 – Computer Science Illuminated)

Why study hard and finish a degree in Computer Science?


Information Systems (Chapter 12 – Computer Science Illuminated)

More database examples -> video store

Salaries for computer professionals



Networks (Chapter 15 – Computer Science Illuminated)

May not get to these:
Artificial Intelligence (Chapter 13 – Computer Science Illuminated)
Simulation, Graphics and Other Applications (Chapter 14 – Computer Science Illuminated)

  Thanksgiving Break

No Class today



Networks (Chapter 15 – Computer Science Illuminated)   Chapter 16 -> Web

 Make some HTML pages.  Meet in Dundee on Monday!!

More info on the basics

Link to HTML intro

Create a HTML document using notepad! that has the following:

  • Make it about a hobby or your hometown
  • A title
  • General text about the topic for your web site.
  • Some character formatting and various heading styles
  • Paragraphs
  • A background color and/or pattern
  • At least four hyperlinks to external links using a list
  • Include a second page and a link from your home page to it and from the second page back to the home page with more info on it.
  • An email link
  • At least 2 Pictures, you can take these from the internet
  • Due at the end of class.



Course Review and Wrap-up/Catch-up

Final Exam will be on Friday December 18th at 2:00 pm


Assignment # Due Date Description
1 - Chapters 1, 2, & 3 9/16 Answer the following Questions :

  1. Define abstraction as to how it relates to computer hardware and programming languages
  2. List and define the major subject areas of Computer Science
  3. #23 page 48
  4. # 33 page 49
  5. Look op on-line and read the 4th Amendment to the Constitution. Does programs like Carnivore violate this Amendment? What is your opinion on it, should technology like Carnivore be allowed, include discussion on the pros and cons.
  6. Why does all data need to be in binary form for computers.
  7. Why do computers use two's complement?
  8. Read this link then summarize how a computer represents floating point numbers
  9. If you were one of the 9 Supreme Court Justices how would you have rulled in the MGM v. Grokster Case. Write a short opinion.
Chapter 4 9/29

Chapter 4 Homework:


Chapter 6 10/12 Pseudo Code for the Standard deviation problem.
Chapter 6,7,8,9,10 11/2

Chapter 6


Chapter 7
Give me screen shots of the program in
Pep/7 to print your name(#36& #37)

Chapter 8
Chapter 9

Chapter 10


Chapter 11

Chapter 12

Chapter 15

Chapter 16

December 9th Page 502: numbers 28, 36,38,43,53,56

Page 526: numbers 23,24,28,35,53