CSCI 125 Introduction to Computer Science
Fall 2016






** Schedule may change depending on our needs **

Take Roll (Remember 1st Day Attendance Rule!)

Go over what the class is about and the Syllabus

Does everyone have access to the companion web site?  Hopefully yes, I'll be putting up some assignments from there.

We'll talk about computing resources available at Edinboro

If time we'll Start Chapter 1 - The Big Picture
We'll also talk about what it is to be a Computer Science Major.
Continue With Chapter 1

Computer Science club site
Continue with Chapter 1

Labor Day -  no class on Monday

Binary Values & Number Systems - Chapter 2


Chapter 2
9/12 Continue with Chapter 2 Chapter 3 - Data Representation Logic Diagram Builder
9/19 Chapter 3

Chapter 4 - Gates and Circuits

I'd like to go over some questions in the back, build some circuits


  • Pay attention to the idea of an algorithm
  • Pay attention to the idea of objects

Logic Problem

Instruction Set Link

Link to logic circuit builder


Chapter 4

Good page on converting from boolean table to an experssion and reducing.


Exam Review

Friday Sept. 30

Exam #1 - Chapters 1 through 4


Chapter 5 - Computing Components

What is a Kilobyte?

Chapter 6 - Low-Level Programming Languages and Pseudo code

Pep/8 Simulator

- talk about program design.

Write your name

 Convert your first name to Hex
As shown in class


Chapter 7 - Problem Solving and Algorithms

How to write and design an algorithm

10/17 Ch 7

We'll do some group Algorithm development in Pseudo code:

1. Fill up an Array from a file
2. Add an element to that Array
3. Remove an element from the Array
4. Add an element to a Sorted Array

Ch 7
10/24 Chapter 8 - Abstract Data Types and Subprograms Contiue with 8 Finish Chapter 8
10/31 Review for the exam:

1. Read book
2. Review all the terms!!
3. Look at all/most of the questions
4. Do the cross word on the companion site
5. Look at the on-line questions
6. Remember what the instructor focused on during the lectures!!!
Wednesday November 2nd
  Exam #2 Chapters 5 - 8

Chapter 9 - Object-Oriented Design and High-Level Programming Languages

Continue Chapter 9

Continue Chapter 9



Make Up Classes

Prolog exercise

Make a prolog program that represents your family
there is an online intrepreter at

11/14 Chapter 9 - Object-Oriented Design and High-Level Programming Languages

Ch 9

Chapter 10 - Operating Systems

11/21 Chapter 10 - Operating Systems


Thanksgiving Break
No Class



Thanksgiving Break
No Class



Chapter 10 - Operating Systems

Chapter 11 - File Systems and Directories


Chapter 15 Networking





Chapter 12 - Information Systems

The world runs on Databases!!

More database examples -> video store


Touch on a few of these topics.

Some of Chapter 14 -Probably not all of it

Chapter 17 - Computer Security

Chapter 16 - Web


Final Exam:

1:00 PM Class -> Wednesday December 14th@ 12:30 -2:30
2:00 PM Class -> Monday December 12th @ 2:45 - 4:45

It will cover material from chapters: 9,10, Little bit of 11 and the stuff we talked about in 15.