CSCI 207 Exam 2

Write a program that:
  1. [10]Reads in a list of test scores into an array -> Grades.txt assume you do not know how many grades are in the file but no more than 50 and that the grades are sorted.
  2. [10]Print the list in reverse order
  3. [4]Print the number of grades read in
  4. [6]Print the median grade
  5. [6]print the average grade
  6. [5]For extra credit compute and print the mode (can be tricky, save until last)
  7. [Priceless]Zip and e-mail to me by 11:50 -

Note: Do the things you know best first to get the most points.  I recommend you complete one task at a time.  I will look at your code to see how close you got to completion of parts you did not complete.  So give it your best effort but if it doesn't completely work I'll still look at how far you got and how close to the correct solution you were.

It doesn't have to be exactly like the shot below.