Dynamic Data

Steps to make dynamic data site:

  1. Must have Service Pack 1, not just the SP1 Beta
  2. New web site with Dynamic Data Web Site template
  3. Make the data link object
  4. Website -> add new Item -> LINQ to SQL classes template
    1. May need to rt. click on Data Connections in Server Explorer and add the connection to the database.
    2. Open up the tables folder and drag the Product, Product Inventory, and Location tables onto the screen.
  5. Open the global.asax file
  6. uncomment model.registerContex(Get........
  7. change 'YourDatacontexttype' to AdventureWorksdataContext
  8. Change the value of ScaffoldAllTables from false to true
  9. Rt click Default.aspx -> view in browser
  10. Play with page

This is customizable and extendable by editing the template files in the DynamicData folder