CSCI 423 Web Application Engineering
Spring 2017




Introduction to the course

  • Go over syllabus
  • What you'll learn
  • What you need
  • Assignments
  • Grading
  • Group project expectations
  • General Expectations
  • Lab time
  • Edinboro Network
  • Take roll
  • Take notes because all the necessary information is not in the book.
  • Web site for Book
  • Errata


Chapter 1
How the Web Works

  • Protocols
  • DNS
  • Circuit and Packet Switching
  • Lab 1


Chapter 1
How the Web Works


Continue with Chapter 1


The Development Process



Chapter 14 - Web Application Design



Chapter 14

  • Continue with the Chapter 14 notes on design patterns\
  • finish Chapter 14

Review & Work on projects



Chapter 14

  • Groups meet if time

Start the project page

  • Lets set up the initial page
    • Get overall design
    • Start a css file
    • Connect to the database
    • Make a "Hello World" Page on your Team ... page; basically getting your web server ready to be programmed

Groups present Analysis Phase

  • Happy tags to you
  • Therasse Rentals

Chapter 16

Groups present Analysis Phase

  • Research Collaboration
  • Speech Pathology
  • Nursing

Chapter 16 & Status


Chapter 16

Chapter 16

  • Finish the 16.7.3 Hands-On activity

Chapter 16


Chapter 16

Risk Assessment &
Community Service

Demo Web Sites

  • HappyTagsToYou
  • Therasse Rentals
  • Speech Path
  • Nursing
  • Research

Spring Break


Chapter 17

  • Start Chapter 17
  • Sample XML (use chrome)
  • What's the purpose of XML
  • Let's build an XML file about cars (maybe)
  • Let's also build the CSS so we can display it nicely


Chapter 17

  • Continue with XML
  • Download the Sample XML files from Monday, see if we can add a record and also print the description.
  • Maybe if time: See if we can print this out to the screen similar to the sample.

Design Presentation

  • Put on your project page
  • Present Milestone #2 and #3 Today!!!
  • Make sure you all participate in the presentation.
  • I'd like to see the current status
  • Sample screen shots of competitors
  • Database ER Diagram



Design Presentations


Chapter 17

  • Finish NWPA ER Diagram
  • Continue with XML
  • Sample Bookstore XML
  • Web page to parse
  • Continue working on the XML example
    • Create a table to display the data
    • Create javascript functions to click through the data

Chapter 18

  • Start Chapter 18
  • Look at group pages
  • Take time to have group meeting
  • 2nd Group Self Evaluation



Chapter 18

  • Finish Chapter 18
  • I'm not real familiar with Word-press but lets look some others like Drupal and dotCMS that I have some experience with.

Chapter 19

Research Paper

  • IEEE format
  • Citations & Bibliography
  • How to find valid sources
  • ACM & IEEE journals
  • Make a survey paper
  • Sample IEE format
  • IEEE Template
  • Synthesize !!
  • examples:
    • Security Issue
    • Free CMS
    • JS Frameworks
    • JS Canvas
  • What is a paragraph and how to write one.

hamburger Paragraph


Research Paper

  • Continued from last time
  • look at topics
  • look at accessing articles
  • Speaking in front of people
    • Be prepared
    • Good PPT
      (if using them)
    • Don't read from the slides
    • Have an Intro
    • Have a summary


Chapter 20


Project Day

I'd like to see teh status of each project and make some recommendations.


Chapter 21

  • Chapter 21 Notes
  • → you can help here
  • Test Plan

Intro to ASP.NET

  • Lets do a small intro to ASP.NET using visual studio & C#
  • Make a temperature conversion program.


  1. Aaron Valoroso - Cloud Computing Security
  2. James Miller - Survey of latest trends in SEO
  3. Josh Anderson - How browswers handle security differently


  1. Austin Porter - Money Laundering with Bitcoin
  2. Daniel Connelly - ECMA Scripting
  3. Kelsey Jordan - Survey on Latest Encrpytion Techniques


  1. Khuyag Otgonbold - Ways to protect against Insecure Object reference
  2. Nick O'Black - Interesting uses of CSS animation
  3. Kyle Grygo - Future of and comparison to LAMP applications.

Work on finalizing Group Project and preparing its presentation

(We won't be meeting today)




  1. Jacob Sorber - Ways to protect against cross-site scripting
  2. Chris Karcher - Use of cookies and their security weaknesses
  3. Matt Atwood - Trends in Human-Computer Interaction for moble computing


  1. William Hoffman - Survey of CSS extension languages
  2. Caleb Jackman - Something with Web security

Invite the clients in for:

  • Happy Trails
  • Therasse Rentals
  • NWPA Research (if time, for the class)
  • Review of requirements and design
  • Complete tour of web site and its functionality
  • Official hand-over
  • Explain the details of maintenance
    • How to get at code
    • how they may want to edit

Final Meeting

Monday May 8th at 10:15 -> 12:15

Invite the clients in for:

  • Nursing
  • Speech Path
  • Review of requirements and design
  • Complete tour of web site and its functionality
  • Official hand-over
  • Explain the details of maintenance
    • How to get at code
    • how they may want to edit


Group Project

Make an Assignment web page that links to all your homework Assignments

In-Class Assignment 16.7.3

Homework 1 :

Homework 2:

Homework 3:

Homework 4:

Homework 5:

Homework 6: Due April 17th

Research Assignment

Research the topic of _____________ and write a 3 to 4-page summary of your research describing this topic. You should collect 4-5 valid sources from which you obtain your information, at least two of these sources must appear in an ACM or IEEE journal. Make sure to reference your sources with in-text citations based on the ACM or IEEE standards, and include a bibliography of your sources at the end of your paper. Also, the last two paragraphs of the paper should be an evaluation of the information that you obtained in this research exercise.

  • Make a link to your word document on your web page
  • Student Research Topics Listing
  • Present your research during class
  • Make a presentation using Power-point or maybe a web page with links
  • The characteristics for an effective professional presentation:
    1. Speak well, professionally loud and clear
    2. Presentation is well organized
    3. Material supports the content.
    4. The students respond to questions

Homework 7: Due April 19th

Homework 8: Due May 3rd