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6/11 – 7/12

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I. Course Description

This course is intended for students who are not adequately prepared for Math 105.  The course begins with a brief review of elementary algebra, and then emphasizes the following ideas:  rational expressions and equations, radical expressions and equations, quadratic equations, and an introduction to functions and relations.  Prerequisite:  Math 020 or an acceptable placement score.  (Course does not satisfy mathematics skill requirement for general education.)


II. Course Objectives:

The purpose of this course is to provide the algebra foundation needed for other courses that require  proficiency in symbolic manipulation.  Students successfully completing the course will be able to:

·         Simplify and evaluate algebraic expressions that are polynomial, rational, and radical.

·         Solve linear equations and inequalities in one variable.

·         Solve absolute value equations and inequalities in one variable.

·         Manipulate polynomial expressions.

·         Demonstrate facility with exponents (integer and rational).

·         Solve quadratic equations using a variety of methods.

·         Solve polynomial, rational, and radical equations.

·         Determine graphs, slope, intercepts, and equations of linear functions.

·         Distinguish functions from relations.

·         Graph functions and relations and perform basic operations on functions.


Additionally, the following more general objectives apply:

·         Students will be able to apply course content to real-world applications.

·         Students will be able to read the required course textbook to comprehend mathematics.

·         Students will be able to use appropriate technology to simplify mathematical computations.


The overarching goal of this course is to prepare you for a more traditional college level course, typically either Finite Math or College Algebra, depending on your major.  Also to give you the fundamentals so you can further your math skills in any area.  Knowing algebra is fundamental to the next step in Mathematics.

III. Course Outline - 6/11 – 7/12

Dates Covered




*Chapter 3: Sections 3.4, 3.5


6/12 & 6/13

*Chapter 4: Sections 4.1 - 4.5

The first part of this chapter is review, but the last two sections are new to Math 100

6/14 & 6/18

Chapter 5: All sections

Most of this is review


Review & Exam


6/20; 6/21 ; 6/25

Chapter 6: All sections

All but Section 6.7 are review

6/26 6/27 6/28

*Chapter 7: Sections 7.1 - 7.4




Review & Exam


7/3; 7/5; 7/9

*Chapter 9: Sections 9.1 - 9.7, Section 9.8 if there’s time



*Chapter 10: Sections 10.1 - 10.3



Review & Exam (Ch 9 & 10)
*Chapter 11: Sections 11.1, 11.2



Review & Final Exam


* Special focus on these sections

IV. Required Text & Materials





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D. Franklin Wright, Cerritos College

Bundled with Hawkes Learning Systems:

  1. You'll need the book for sure, which needs to be brought to all class meetings
  2. You'll need access to the Hawkes Learning System for homework assignments.  You will need an ACCESS CODE to get credit for the assignments.  You can install the software on your computer and/or use the computers in the Library or DH 222.  Enroll today.  Included is a sheet with getting started instructions.
  3. You’ll need a calculator (preferably scientific).  I will notify you if there is a situation where you are not allowed to use your calculator.

V. Assessment and Evaluation:




% of Final Grade

Hawkes Learning System



Noted in Hawkes

These you will do online as a supplement to the material in the book and discussed in class.  This is a mastery-based system.  You are expected to master the topic by “certifying” that you have learned the topic by correctly answering about 80% of the presented questions correctly.  You have unlimited opportunities to do this.  By certifying, on or before the due date you will earn a 100% for that assignment.  This may take a significant amount of time outside of class.


Book Problems &



These will be the odd exercises at the end of each section


On occasion I will select some homework problems from the book to give as an in-class, closed book quiz.  I will drop your lowest quiz grade.  I like to give quizzes when participation drops.  So ask questions!


1.  6/19

2.  7/2

3.  7/11

“You need to be able to do math in public and on demand”

Note: I will replace your lowest exam score with the final exam score if it is higher.  If you miss more than one exam you should probably withdraw.


Final Exam

7/12; 6:00PM





The final score will be converted to a letter grade using the following scale:
90 < score < 100 A
87 < score < 89 B+
80 < score < 87 B
77 < score < 80 C+
70 < score < 77 C
60 < score < 70 D
0 < score < 60 F

Special Notes on my grading:

-       I grade on your results and that you can demonstrate to me how well you know algebra.  I do not grade on how hard you worked or number of hours spent studying.  Think of taking this class as working at a job.

-       Incomplete grades will be assigned only if proper documentation is presented and the student has a passing grade in the course at the time of withdrawal (very rare).

-       All assessment is based on results as it is unfair for the instructor to subjectively evaluate effort for each student in the class. 

-       At the end of the course I usually give a curve, this will be given to students who have not missed more than one weeks’ worth of class, therefore in this class that means only three classes!. This is very important, could be the difference between a letter grade.

-       If you miss more than 1/3 of class you should withdraw.  You’re in this class for a reason, if you were already good at math you would not be in this class.  Therefore no one should miss any!

Academic Integrity
You are expected to do all of the assigned work on your own.  Any student found to be cheating or plagiarizing with respect to any component of the course will be subject to immediate failure from the course.  This is very important in this course because of the tendency to over-help another student especially with the on-line homework.  This usually does more harm than good and will always reflect in your test score.  If you're getting A's on your on-line homework but failing the exams, clearly something isn’t right.  

VI. American Disabilities Act Statement:
Any student who has a physical or learning disability which requires special accommodations should make an appointment to discuss this with the instructor.

VIII. Some Final Comments:
It is the instructor's intention to provide an environment that is relaxed and academically stimulating. You will be encouraged to ask questions and participate in the lecture.  

It is very clear that high performance in a class is linked with consistent attendance and reasonable effort. I do expect you to attend all classes and you are responsible for knowing about any announcements or assignments made during class. If missing a class is unavoidable, the student is expected to copy the lecture notes from one of her/his peers. Handouts, if given out, can be obtained from the instructor during office hours.  

Please do not use office hour time to make-up excessive unexcused absences. This course is taught in a lecture/laboratory style. While the instructor is lecturing, it is EXPECTED that no one will be working on the computers. It's rude and disruptive to both other students and the instructor.  Students are expected to use the lab time (if we can schedule lab time for the Hawkes Learning System) wisely while the instructor is there to help. Additionally, you should set several hours aside each week when you can work on the on-line homework. 

Use your Book!! You paid big money for it so use it.  It’s well written, has many examples and good homework problems.  I’ll likely base most of the exam problems from exercises in the book.

Use good exam study habits for this and every class you take.  Practice reasonable problems and do each type until you are consistently getting the correct answer.