Competency Exam for CSCI 104 Essential Computing I


A competency exam for CSCI 104 Essentials of Computing I will be held:


  by arrangement with Professor John Onderko via e-mail with subject line CSCI104 test outor in person at 201 Doucette Hall to arrange for a seat at one of the scheduled times

  The scheduled times for Fall 2010 are:

o   Fri 09/03 from 2PM-4PM

o   Tue 09/07 from 2PM 4PM


Be sure to bring the completed petition form for the exam. The fee for the exam needs to already have been paid. The signatures required on the form in sequence are: your advisor, the chairperson of the Math Computer Science Dept, and the Bursar.




The two hour exam consists of four parts:


    Microsoft Word

    Microsoft Excel

    Microsoft PowerPoint

    Computer systems and the Internet


The exam is open book and notes.


The Word, Excel, and PowerPoint parts are all hands-on the computer. You will be given handouts of a Word document, Excel spreadsheet, and PowerPoint presentation, and you will recreate these handouts on the computer. The computer systems and Internet part of the exam will be a combination of hands-on and written fill-in-the blank. This part of the exam addresses hardware and software and general questions about computer networks and the Internet.


Among other things, for Word you need to know formatting, word count, tabs, headers and footers, tables, styles, and working with images. For Excel, you need to know formatting, formulas and functions, absolute and relative cell referencing, and charts. The PowerPoint part of the exam will be more simple. Still, you need to know how to make slides, formatting, slide numbers, an organization chart, and transitions and animation. You will also need to know how to copy from one application to another.


Grading is P pass or F fail. To receive a passing grade, you need to earn the equivalent of a D grade or better. Study hardthe exam will be of a similar difficulty to what is given in CSCI 104. The exam is using the 2007 Microsoft Office software,. (Office 2003 software is also available and may be used)