Exam 3 - PowerPoint

Create a PowerPoint presentation on a country you would like to visit.  Include the following:

  1. [3]Title page with your name (Title page format)
  2. [4]Bulleted list of topics covered/summery
  3. [5]Map of the country (search the internet) on separate slide
  4. Know how to get an image off of the internet.
  5. [3]Include a slide on why you would like to visit there
  6. [5]Include a slide on population growth or decline for at least 5 years.
  7. [5]Include a slide that uses a table
  8. [2]Apply a design template of your choice
  9. [2]Apply transitions, of your choice, between slides
  10. Know how to put animations per line
  11. [3]Include a footer with your name, date and page number
  12. [priceless] e-mail to dtucker@edinboro.edu by the announced time.  Points off for late exams