Spring 2014 Review for Final:

3 Parts
- MS Word
- Excel

MS Word:
- Create a document from scratch
- Ususally a memo relating to someing in the news
- create, add & generate a bib with Citations
- Tabs (like right tab)
- Image from internet (wrapping)
- Justification (left, right , full)
- General formatting, bold, indent, italics
- hyperlink
- I'm grading on the abilty to use MS Word, not the content
- not as long or challenging as the MS Word exam

- I use the PPT part of the final exam for your PPT assessment
- Make a presentatoin on something (why eat healthy) from scratch
- Title slide, Outline slide, etc.
- slide transisitions
- Line item animation
- footers
- themes, colors
- import an image from the internet
- chart
- probably around 5 slides?

- not as challenging as the exam
- probably from scratch, so you have to type in some data
- an IF xor Vlookup
- formatting
- custom equation (percent increase)
- common functions like average, max, min, sum

You'll submit 3 files to one drop box in D2L
2 hours ; open book