Formatting an Essay.

  1. Download this document.
  2. Mark "USS Niagara (1813)" as a Title.
  3. Mark "From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia" as a subtitle.
  4. Enter "Formatted by " your name (first and last) under the "From Wikipedia... " line, mark this as a subtitle as well.
  5. Remove the spaces between these two lines.
  6. Add the word "Introduction" on a line before the first paragraph
  7. Mark the following lines as Heading 1 items:
  8. Mark the line "Battle of Lake Erie" as a Heading 2
  9. Apply the Damask Theme to the entire document.
  10. Apply the Centered style set.
  11. Changed paragraph spacing to Relaxed
  12. Insert a next page section break before the introduction.
  13. Change the orientation of the title page to be Landscape
  14. Place a 6 point boarder around the title page only.
  15. Place the Watermark From Wikipedia, Draft over the pages of your document.
  16. Move to the second page of text, select the header, and click on Different First Page
  17. Place "The Niagara" on the left hand side of the header on the second page.
  18. Place Your name, first and last on the right hand side of the header of the second page.
  19. Place the page number, (2) on the right hand side of the second page.
  20. After the last paragraph in the Battle of Lake Erie section insert a page break.
  21. Insert the quote "We have met the enemy and they are ours -- two ships, two brigs, one schooner and one sloop." at the top of the new page.
  22. Following this quote, insert the following bulleted list
  23. At the end of the document, after the last paragraph, insert the following table:

    Please do not include the red lines.

  24. When you have completed all steps, submit to drop box "In Class Walkthrough" in D2L