Formatting a Longer Document.

  1. Download this document.
  2. Add a table of contents at the beginning of the document.
  3. Add a page break between the table of contents and the text.
  4. Before the first paragraph, add Overview as a heading.
  5. Update the table of contents.
  6. Turn the items in the Advantages section into a bulleted list.
  7. Add the images of the staples from this page
  8. After the Etymology section, add the picture from here into your document.
  9. Add some a bit of clip art in the middle of the Staples in Construction paragraph.
  10. On the same page as the table of contents, insert a table of figures.
  11. In the first paragraph in the Paper Staples section, insert an arrow pointing to the paragraph from the right hand side.
  12. Add the following hierarchy chart,
  13. Using WordArt, make the document's title similar to that pictured below.
  14. Build an index which
  15. Build a bibliography
  16. Make a cross reference
  17. Add footnotes to the first paragraph
  18. Make sure all tables are updated.
  19. Submit to D2L when finished