Formatting at the Word and Paragraph Level.

NOTICE: This assignment uses an article from Smashing Magazine by Dan Mayer. It is his property and we are only using this article as part of an educational document. We are using this document under the educational fair use clause. This document should not be used for any other purpose or by anyone other than students as an academic exercise.

The original document is located here


  1. Save a copy of this document to your work area.
  2. Before we destroy the document, give it a quick read through.
  3. After the line, By Dan Mayer, insert a line that says Formatted by yourname
  4. In the title:
    1. Move "Five Principles for Choosing and Using Typefaces" to a new line.
    2. Center both lines of the title.
    3. Change the font to 21 point Arial font.
    4. Make the By and Formatted by lines 14 point Times New Roman font.
    5. Remove the space after the paragraph for these two lines.

  5. Italicize the Date and the Note: lines.
  6. Remove the space between the Date and the Note: lines.
  7. Make the first paragraph fully justified.
  8. Make the second paragraph right justified.

  9. Replace all occurrences of the word idea with the word thought.
  10. Format all of the headings inside of the document.
    1. Bring the the find and replace dialog box.
    2. Click in the find what dialog.
    3. Select Special->Any Digit, this will put ^# in the dialog box.
    4. type a .
    5. Select Special->White Space, this will put a ^w in the dialog box.
    6. The pattern will be ^#.^w, which will match a digit followed by a . followed by a space.
    7. Press find next several times to see what it is locating.
    8. Return to the Find/Replace dialog box.
    9. Click on the replace tab.
    10. Select Format->Style and then Heading 1 in the Replace Style Popup box.
    11. Select Replace, or Replace all and notice what happens.
  11. Return to the top of the document.
  12. Place a box around the third paragraph.
  13. Color the fourth paragraph a shade of blue.

  14. Change the fifth paragraph so the line spacing is 2.5.
  15. This will cause the fifth paragraph to cross a page boundary, mark it so that the paragraph is kept together across the page break.

  16. Move to the paragraph that starts "The clothing analogy"
  17. Make this paragraph start with an indent.
  18. Make the next paragraph so that it has a 1" hanging indent.

  19. In the paragraph that begins with "The following list is not..."
  20. Go to the paragraph after the Geometric picture and apply some truly horrid script font.
  21. Apply some font like Franklin Gothic Heavy to the paragraph after that.
  22. Again, got that out of your system, never do it again!

  23. Finally, do something truly horrid and unique to the next two paragraphs after Humanist

  24. When you have finished, Submit to D2L