To edit an existing an existing page:

1.       Start MS Word

2.       Office button -> Open -> at bottom type in  \\eup\dfs\webdir\cm095317

3.       A list of all your files on the web server will show up

4.       Double click on the one you want to edit

a.       Make sure you click on the file not the folder (index not index_files)

b.      It will open up in word

5.       Make the changes you want to make

6.       Save often (click the floppy)

7.       Now look at it on the web

a.       You will need to refresh (F5) the page in the browser

Adding some Page features:

1.       Time Stamp -> We worked on this 3/17/2011 (Insert tab -> “Date & Time” button)

2.       This is an external hyperlink -> News (select text, rt. Click , hyperlink)

3.       Internal is the same except link to your pages. Only need name of file in hyperlink

a.       Type text (ex.  My Home Page)

b.      Select that text

c.       Rt. Click -> Hyperlink

d.      Put the name of the file ONLY in the box (index.htm)