CSCI 104: Essential Computing I
Summer 1- 2012

Hamilton Basement Computer Lab
Monday - Friday 10:00- 1:00

General Info:

Professor: Mr. David Tucker
Office Location: Doucette Hall, Room 203 (3rd office on left)

Office Phone: (814) 732-2550
E-Mail Address:

Office Hours:
After Class


Course Web Page:
Note: Check the site frequently for up-to-date information.
This course familiarizes students with the interaction of computer hardware and software. Emphasis is placed on the application of microcomputers, the use of productivity software (word processing, spreadsheet management, file management, and presentation software), Internet applications, and electronic mail applications. Students with credit for CSCI 100 may not take this course to fulfill degree requirements.
Additional Information:
  • This course is approved for General Education - Core 7 and the computer competency requirement.
  • This course is designed to be a first course in the use of microcomputer productivity software and a brief introduction to computer science.
  • Throughout the course, the students will be utilizing the commercially available Microsoft® Office and Microsoft® FrontPage software package.
  • There will be a brief overview of the field of Computer Science and the general topics associated with CS.  Throughout the course we will discuss features of the Windows® operating system.  After the introduction the students will then be exposed to:
    • Word Processing
    • Presentation Software
    • Spreadsheet Software
    • Web Page Development Software

Course Objectives

Successful completion of the course will be based upon the following objectives:
  • Students will be proficient at utilizing computer hardware as input and output devices.
  • Students will be fluent in terminology and technical jargon used with respect to computer hardware and software.
  • I'd also like the students to be knowledgeable about what to look for when purchasing a computer system.
  • Students will be able to access the university computer systems.
  • Students will be able to navigate in a graphical operating system, in this case MS Windows XP.
  • Students will be able to use a word processing package to create, edit, and enhance documents.
  • Students will be able to demonstrate proficiency in a spreadsheet package, including generating graphs to answer questions about data.
  • Students will utilize electronic mail throughout the system using their Edinboro student accounts.
  • Students will create a web page using state of the art WYSIWYG software.
  • Students will create a dynamic slide show using presentation software.

Required Materials

  1. Course texts. - This is optional

  2. Flash drive

  3. E-mail and knowledge/willingness to learn how to use it.  This could be a show stopper!!  Make sure you are comfortable with e-mail before taking any exam.  I require you use the Edinboro University E-mail.  We use this for taking exams.

Schedule of the course can be found at:

Course Textbook:  Microsoft Office 2010 Plus Edition by Grauer, Publisher Prentice Hall

  Office 2010 Grauer


Assessment and Evaluation:

  • Quiz 1 - 5/23/2012
  • MS Word Exam - 5/30/2012
  • MS Excel Exam - 6/6/2012
  • Final Exam - 6/7/2012
Derivation of Final Grades

Weights for Determining the Final Grade:
Homework -  45%
Exams - 55% (Note that the web page project will be counted as an exam grade)

The final score will be converted to a letter grade using the following scale:
90 < score < 100 A
87 < score < 89 B+
80 < score < 87 B
77 < score < 80 C+
70 < score < 77 C
60 < score < 70 D
0 < score < 60 F


If you miss more than 1/3 of the classes (5 days) you will be dropped a letter grade for each additional class missed.  Usually this is not a problem but can be in some extreme instances.



  • Incomplete grades will be assigned only if proper documentation is presented and the student has a passing grade in the course at the time of withdrawal (very rare).
  • Borderline grades will be assigned at the discretion of the instructor usually based on attendance.
  • All assessment is based on results as it is unfair for the instructor to subjectively evaluate effort for each student in the class. 
  • Special Note:  I do not grade on effort or circumstances, I only grade on results! -- Treat taking this course as you would a very important job, does an employer pay on effort?
 American Disabilities Act Statement

Any student who has a physical or learning disability which requires special accommodations should make an appointment to discuss this with the instructor.

Academic Integrity

You alone are responsible for your work.  Any student found to be cheating or plagiarizing with respect to any component of the course will be subject to immediate failure from the course.  This course is particularly susceptible to cheating.  Please don't!  You are on your honor to turn in assignments that only you created.  In addition cheating does not help you learn the material & prepare for the exam.  You cannot pass this class on homework points alone!

Additional Comments

t is the instructor's intention to provide an environment that is relaxed and academically stimulating. You will be encouraged to ask questions and participate in the lecture.  

As far as attendance goes, I will take roll and if you haven't missed more than one week's worth of classes you will receive extra consideration if you fall on the border when I determine your final grade.  Note that high performance in a any class is linked with consistent attendance and good effort.  I do expect you to attend all classes and you are responsible for knowing about any announcements or assignments made during class. If missing a class is unavoidable, the student is expected to catch up on the lecture notes either from the web or ask a class mate,  there may have been an announcement.  As I like to say - if you are going to take a class then take it, if not then don't waste our time.

Please do not use office hour time to make-up excessive unexcused absences. This course is taught in a lecture/laboratory style. While the instructor is lecturing, it is EXPECTED that no one will be working on the computers. It's rude and disruptive to both other students and the instructor. Additionally, a good bit of time may be given for in-class work on the computers. Students are expected to use this time wisely, while the instructor and lab assistant are present to assist. Additionally, you should set several hours aside each week when you can come to one of the labs (or use an adequate home system) to finish the laboratory problems.

It is imperative that you gain access to a computer containing Microsoft Office 2010 and allow yourself some time outside of class to complete your assignments. (The computer labs have his software)

Other Class Rules
  1. No cell phone use during class time
  2. No facebook use during the class time, before and after is fine. With the exception of getting photos for your web page if you want.
  3. I reserve the right to deduct points from your overall grade for these infractions.