Essentials of computing I
ummer 2013

7/8 - 7/11

(4 days)

General material you should know:


  • Introduction to the class
  • Go over course syllabus
  • Roll
  • The Edinboro computing environment
    • Why do I want/need to connect to the EUP network?
    • What do I need and how do I connect to the EUP network?
    • Should I use the e-mail EUP provided or my other on-line e-mail account?
    • How do I check my EUP e-mail?
    • Where can I go to use a computer?, What's software is on them?
  • Tech and Comm website resources
  • e-mail
  • Tech & Comm published Technology Handbook
Some common links:
My web page
Math/CS Home
Edinboro Univ.


MyitLab for Exploring Microsoft Office 2010

Course code:


Link to Video tutorials I made for using MyITLab, Word and Excel


Computer Concepts
  • The PC hardware environment
  • The Windows operating system and system utilities
  • Overview of Computer Science
    • Software/Programming
    • Internals of a Computer
    • Operating Systems
    • Networks
    • Internet
  • Computer Literacy
  • E-Mail


Assignment 1:Using Windows Explorer - show me a good directory structure of your flash drive for this semester.  This will include directories for each course, topics, and assignments.

  • On the root of your flash drive make a folder for each course you are currently taking
    • Within the folder for this class, make folders for:
      • Concepts Homework
      • MS Word
      • MS PowerPoint
      • MS Excel
      • Webpage
  • Put the homework file you made for the purchase of a laptop in the concepts homework folder.
  • Within the MS Word folder make folders for:
    • Chapter 1
    • Chapter 2
    • Chapter 3
    • Chapter 4
  • Do a print screen of your directory structure showing the folders, paste it into MS Word, print and turn in .
  • Due July 14th

Assignment 2. You have $750 to buy a laptop, go to www.HP.com and customize a laptop for this price or less. Using MS Word give a short reason why you chose the processor, RAM size, Hard-drive size and if you got a CD Burner or not and any other special options.
Print the listing from the web site and attach the word document to it.

Due:July 14th

3. Exploring your computer system worksheet - Not Assigned

Sample exam

Exam 1 - Computing Concepts


7/15 - 7/18

(4 days)

Begin Working with Microsoft Word:


We will use the  MyIT Lab on-line assignments. 

Website : www.myitlab.com

Exam 2 - MS Word

Sample Exam

Discount on MS Office 2010 for Students

Talk about what Microsoft Word is and what it is used for.

I want to remind students about the use of Ctrl X, C, & V.  These are Cut, Copy & Paste respectively.  You may find this method of Cut & Paste much faster and easier.

Computer related Current Events


7/22 - 7/24

(3 days)

Web Page:

 - Internet/Web Browsing
 - Web Page Development

\\eup\dfs\webdir\d123456t\index.htm <- this is a sample of what you would use to open up the index file.  What will change is the name of the file.  In this case it's index.htm, but your 2nd page might be page2.htm

The sample URL will be:


In case you want to work from home -> A link to Tech & Comm.'s explanation on how to edit your page from home.

Web Page Assignment - e-mail the URL to me by 7/24

Internet 1

Check out the Web Page FAQs


7/25 - 8/1

(5 days)



We will use the  MyIT Lab on-line assignments. 

Website : www.myitlab.com

Exam 3 - MS Excel

will be open book, know how to use functions such as  average, sum, if, vlookup, pmt, etc.  Also how to format the spreadsheet, using currency, wrap text, colors, bold.  Adding Charts. You'll e-mail me your solution.

Know the if and some simple math, as in the percent increase or decrease.  Simple multiply, weighted average.

Know the material in this tutorial Excel Basics

Old Sample Exam

Better Sample Exam - Solution number in the image below ▼


8/5 - 8/6

(2 days)



Begin working with PowerPoint:

Homework due on May 6th

Sample Exam

We'll have the PowerPoint exam integrated into the final exam.



For on-line help check out the Microsoft tutorial

Check your grades in MYITLab → Custom View  !!!!

Final Exam - Comprehensive, hands-on, based on Word, Excel & PowerPoint


Notes about the Final Exam

How your final grade is determined:
(Grades→Custom view in your My ITlab account)

Word Exam 13%
Excel Exam 13%
Final Exam 15%
Concepts Exam 5%
Web Site 5%
Directory HW 2%
PC Purchase 2%
My IT Lab Homework 45%
(graders are worth double the training)



Important Dates:

Assignment 1 & 2 are due July 12th
Quiz 1 (Concepts) July 15th
Exam 2 (MS Word)

All MS Word Homework on MyITLab is due the day you take the exam.

July 18th

Web Page Due July 24th
Exam 3 (MS Excel)

All MS Excel Homework on MyITLab is due that day.

August 1st
PowerPoint Due August 6th
Final Exam

August 7th