Helpful Web Page Information

How to Make a initial web page:

  1. Open Notepad
  2. Start making your web page
    Type in text
    adding photos
    Maybe go to YouTube to see how something is done if you didn't get it in class
  3. Save the file up to your web-server, you won't be able to "drill" over to it, you'll need to type the entire path
    - This is the initial path plus your login \\eup\dfs\webdir\dt123456\ remember you are not "dt123456"
    - Name it something (ie. "Page2.html")
    - BUT! Your home (initial) page should be "index.html"
    - Make sure you have "save as type" to "All Files"
    - No SPACES in any file name !!
  4. To see your page(s) as the world would see it from a browser type this into a browser (i.e. Internet Explorer)  (again of course you are not dt123456)
    "You" can not completely test it while logged at school

How to see your web page:

  1. Open a browser (chrome)
  2. Type in "" (your login!!)

How to edit an existing page:

Windows Explorer

  1. Start Notepad (must be logged into the EUP network)
  2. do a "File -> Open"
  3. In the address bar type in "\\eup\dfs\webdir\dt123456\"
  4. hit enter
  5. Make sure it shows "All Files" (button near the bottom right)
  6. Click on the file you want to edit (ex. index.html)
  7. Start Editing
  8. Save when done


1. Do not save to the "S" drive
2. Do not make links to "\\eup\dfs....."
3. Your internal hyperlinks will only be a file name
4. To really test your web page either have someone else (they are logged into their account) look at it or look at it off campus. Test all your links!!!!!!!!!!

External links start with " http:// ......." for example ""

Internal links don't have the "http://" just the file name, exmple "page2.html"