Creating a Web Page

Making a – Web Page 

Since you will be working from home you can use MS Word to create your web pages. You are welcome to use another software if you want to.

Create personal web pages.  The homepage's file name should be "index.htm".  You can make your web page about yourself,  including things like your hometown, major, hobbies, etc.  I'd like to see at least three pages that include the following somewhere:

            Copy the text below into your code after typeing the text "Last Update"

Last update:
<script type="text/javascript">

Note(1/15/2013): Since you are using MS Word adding HTML like above is not very easy. The good news is that you can acomplish the same thing easier. Do the following:

      1. Click on the Insert Tab
      2. Click on Quick Parts
      3. Click on Field
      4. Choose Date -> pick any of the date formats there
      5. This will put a time stamp on your page.

I'm expecting you to explore further and include additional features within your web page. 

E-mail me (  the URL of your web page.