Concepts Review


  1. What does the CPU do?



  1. Why do computers use RAM?



  1. How do computers use RAM?



  1. What number system do computers use?



  1. How does a computer represent a letter?



  1. What is the advantage of a Hard Drive over RAM?



  1. List 2 input devices



  1. List 2 output devices



  1. What type of network are you logging into here?
    1. LAN
    2. WAN
    3. Internet



  1. What is the Internet?




  1. What is the common language (Protocol) of the internet
    1. HTTP
    2. HTML
    3. TCP/IP

12.How would a file structure on your flash drive look like for your next semester.


 13. List and explain 3 things to look for when purchasing a computer.


 14. List and explain applications that run on the internet.


 15. What do Operating systems do?