Week of

Essentials of computing I
Winter 2013-14


All Winter Break


General material you should know

  • Introduction to the class
  • Go over course syllabus

What to do on the 1st day of Class:

  1. Log-in to D2L, open the course. Not much elase in D2L , I mostly use this site to o give you information and place for the exams.
  2. Look over the syllabus. (link above) E-mail me if you have any questions or concerns.
  3. Read the following MyITLab information

There are many options for how you purchase the material for this course.  We will be using the Exploring Microsoft Office 2010 plus.


MyITLab for Exploring Microsoft Office 2010 (no eText) - $85

MyITLab for Exploring Microsoft Office 2010 (with eText) - $95

Printed textbook w/ MyITLab (w/ eText) - $154.00

*Note:  You are required to purchase MyITLab access but you do not have to purchase the printed textbook or the eText.  I have most of the content available on MyITLab through powerpoints.  If you are apprehensive about the course then you should purchase either the printed textbook or the eText.  The textbook has additional training and chapter exercises plus reading that will assist you with the course material and the open book exams. 

The printed book and MyITLab are bundled together for one price if you purchase through the EUP bookstore (this includes eText access).  If you choose to purchase the textbook separately via Amazon or other location you will need to purchase the MyITLab access code from the Pearson/Prentice Hall website.

MyITLab access code (with or without eText) can be purchased through MyITLab website:


Select "Student" in the "Register" area.  When asked if you have an access code select "no".  Select the access you want to purchase:

  • myitlab for Exploring Microsoft Office 2010 (with eText)
  • myitlab for Exploring Microsoft Office 2010 (no eText)

(If you choose the MyITLab without eText you will have the option later to add the access for more $$)

MyITLab Links:

MyITLab website
First Day of class - MyITLab registration, enrollment, & personal computer set-up

We will be using MyITLab for this course so that you have access to training, eText, PowerPoint's etc.  Once you have registered and enrolled yourself in the course you will want to look around in the MyITLab course shell.  Grades for training and some of the assignments will be viewable in MyITLab but running totals of all points and grades will be maintain in D2L.

Video Introduction to myitlab


Some common links:
My web page
Math/CS Home
Edinboro Univ.



: www.myitlab.com

During the install you'll need the course code for our course:

The MyITLab Course code is: CRSKLPG-4027115

Dec 16th
Dec 26

Begin Working with Microsoft Word:

Homework in MyItLab → MS Word:

  • Chapter 1 (Dec. 17th & 18th)
    • Audio Power Point
    • Skill-Based Training (use the browser to learn MS Word)
    • Grader (download → make changes → upload result)
  • Chapter 2 (Dec. 19th)
    • Audio Power-point
    • Skill-Based Training (use the browser to learn MS Word)
    • Grader (download → make changes → upload result)
  • Chapter 3 (Dec. 20th)
    • Audio Power Point
    • Skill-Based Training (use the browser to learn MS Word)
    • Grader (download → make changes → upload result)
  • Chapter 4 (Dec 21st)
    • Audio Power Point
    • Skill-Based Training (use the browser to learn MS Word)
    • Grader (download → make changes → upload result)

MS Word Instructional Videos


How to Start the Grader projects in MyITLab

MS Word Part 1

MS Word Part 2

How to check your submission, see the reason for the points MyITLab took off, fix and resubmit

How to check what you missed in a uploaded grader assignment (this is with the old version, skip to the middle and the rest is very useful, especially with the 3rd Word assignment)

MS Word - Using Citations

MS Word - Styles and Table of Contents

MS Word - Importing an Image & Justification

MS Word Exam - December 27th

→ Check here for a sample Exam

Discount on MS Office for Students

Talk about what Microsoft Word is and what it is used for.

I want to remind students about the use of Ctrl X, C, & V.  These are Cut, Copy & Paste respectively.  You may find this method of Cut & Paste much faster and easier.

Lecture Slides:

Dec.24th → 26th

Christmas Break

Dec. 27 →
Jan. 7th



Website : www.myitlab.com

  • Chapter 1 (December. 28th & January 2nd)
    • Audio Power-point
    • Hands-On (use the browser to learn MS Excel)
    • Assignment 1 (same type as the Word Graders, just named differently)
    • Assignment 2
  • Chapter 2 (January 3rd & 4th)
    • Audio Power-point
    • Hands-On
    • Assignment 1
    • Assignment 2
  • Chapter 3 (January 7th & 8th)
    • Audio Power-point
    • Hands-On
    • Assignment 1
    • Assignment 2

Use January 9th as a catch up day

January 10th we'll have the Excel Exam.

MS Excel - Short Introduction

MS Excel - Formatting

The following video is a compilation of various aspects of excel. You can view any part by clicking on the appropriate button.
Note: It may take a minute to download, but as it opens it adds buttons on the left..Overview of Excel Including Formulas & Functions

These next 3 videos are based off of the 1st Grader assignment in Chapter 2. (Sorry about the audio quality, I'll try and fix it for next time)

Making Charts (from 2nd Grader Chapter 1)

Please Read!! : While you are doing one of the Excel hands-on exercises it asks you to add a chart title. Typically you click on the chart title box in the chart, but when you do that it says "incorrect". what they want is you to click on the chart title but to do your actual typing up in the address bar.

More on Making Charts - Part of Chapter 3; 2nd Grader

Excel exam: know how to use functions such as  average, sum, if, vlookup, pmt, etc.  Also how to format the spreadsheet, using currency, wrap text, colors, bold.  Adding Charts. You'll e-mail me your solution.

Know the "IF"; VLOOKUP, PMT functions to name a few.  Also some simple math, as in the percent increase or decrease.  Simple multiply, weighted average.

Sample Exam - Download from the link on the left.

Sample Exam Instructions:

  1. In F4 write a formula to computer the test average, Copy down.
  2. In H4 you are to write a formula that gives a bonus or penalty based on the number of homeworks they did.  Each student is supposed to do 12 (E19).  For each missing you take 2 points(E20) off. For each extra you add 1 point (E21).  This determines their bonus or penalty if they have one at all.
  3. Then take that number and add it to their test average to get the semester average.
  4. Then use a HLOOKUP (Same as VLOOKUP but Horizontal in stead of Vertical) to determine their letter grade based on the grading criteria table.
  5. Format it close to what is shown.
  6. Practice making some Pie and column charts also.

Video of the solution (Please don't look at this until you given the sample exam and honest effort!)

Solution in the image below ▼


Jan 8,9

Web Page

To make a web page you do the following:

  1. Create your web pages (You'll probably use MS Word)
    1. You will Save as 'web page'
  2. Upload the pages to the EUP web server using an FTP (file transfer protocol) client
  3. Test it to make sure it works.
    1. The sample URL will be: http:\\users.edinboro.edu\d123456t\

You can check this page to for working from home -> A link to Tech & Comm.'s explanation on how to edit your page from home.

1st Video - This video shows you how to make a very simple web page using MS Word. Before that I show how to connect to the EUP web server using Windows Explorer with drag-and-drop. Please ignore the 30 sec. spot where I'm looking for something.

2nd Video - This video shows how to make a background color and create word art. It also shows how to create a 2nd page and make a hyper-link from your 1st (home) page to open your 2nd page. I also make a link from your new 2nd page back to your home page.

3rd Video - In this video I talk about how to add a time-stamp to show when your web page was last updated. I also show how to ad an e-mail link and using a table to align your text and images to it looks good when you open it up on the Internet. There is often a significant difference between how your web page looks in Word and how it looks on the Internet. In this video I run into an error where I ran out of web server space. You shouldn't have this issue. I had to delte some images from my web page and re-copy it to the web server.

Web Page Assignment - e-mail the URL to me


Internet 1

Check out the Web Page FAQs


Jan 10, 13



The MyITLab Homework due on 13th

Sample Exam



For on-line help check out the Microsoft tutorial


Jan14,15, 16

Computer Concepts

  • The PC hardware environment
  • The Windows operating system and system utilities
  • Overview of Computer Science
    • Software/Programming
    • Internals of a Computer
    • Operating Systems
    • Networks
    • Internet
  • Computer Literacy
  • E-Mail

Assignment 1:Using Windows Explorer - show me a good directory structure of your flash drive for this semester.  This will include directories for each course, topics, and assignments.

Video demonstration on making folders

  • On the root of your flash drive make a folder for each course you are currently taking
    • Within the folder for this class, make folders for:
      • Concepts Homework
      • MS Word
      • MS Power-point
      • MS Excel
      • Web-page
  • Put the homework file you made for the purchase of a laptop in the concepts homework folder.
  • Within the MS Word folder make folders for:
    • Chapter 1
    • Chapter 2
    • Chapter 3
    • Chapter 4
  • Do a print screen of your directory structure showing the folders, paste it into MS Word, print and turn in .

Assignment 2: PC Purchase.

Do some research on the internet to answer these questions:

  1. What type of software packages need fast computers?
  2. Give some exampes of your answer to #1
  3. What are the advantages to a desktop computer over a laptop computer?
  4. What are the advantages of a laptop over a desktop?
  5. Computer that have intel i5 and i7 processors cost more than ones that have an Intel Celeron processor. why is that? When would you want to make the investment in a nicer processor?
  6. When would you want to spend extra money on a large Hard Drive?
  7. If you save and get a smaller hard drive, is there an alternative for later?
  8. What is another operating systems alternative to any of the MS Windows versions?
  9. What is the advantages of your selection in #8 over windows?
  10. What is the advantage of a Windows based machine over a Mac?
  11. What is the advantage of a Mac over a Windows based machine?
  • Create a MS Word document with the questions and answers. Place your solution in the D2L drop box.

Simulate purchasing a Computer:

  • You have $700 to buy a laptop, go to www.HP.com and customize a laptop for this price or less. Using MS Word give a short, 1 paragaraph, reason why you chose the processor, RAM size, Hard-drive size and if you chose and any other special options.
  • Take a screen shot of your chosen comptuer's listing from the web site and paste it into the word document.
  • Place your answer in the appropriate D2L dropbox


3. Exploring your computer system worksheet - Not Assigned

Computing Concepts   →  I'm using the computing concepts scavenger hunt as your concepts exam.



Final Exam

Make 3 Documents:

  1. Word
  2. Power-point
  3. Excel

Final Exam - Comprehensive, hands-on, based on Word, Excel & Power-point

Notes about the Final Exam

Check your grades in D2L and MyITLab

How your final grade is determined:
(Grades→Custom view in your My ITlab account)

Word Exam 15%
Excel Exam 15%
Final Exam 15%
Concepts Scavenger Hunt 5%
Web Site 5%

Homework 45% of final grade:
(just add your score and divide by the total amount)
Graders → 10 X 20pts
Hands-on → 7 X 10 pts
Directory → 10pts
PC Purchase → 10pts
Total = 350 possible points (45% of your grade)

Important Dates:

MS Word Exam

All MS Word Homework on MyITLab is due that day.

December 27th
MS Excel Exam

All MS Excel Homework on MyITLab is due that day.

January 7th

Web Page Due

January 9th

Power-point Exam

All Power-point Homework on MyITLab is due that day

Exam is given with the Final Exam

HW due on the 13th

Assignment 1 & 2 are due

Quiz (Concepts)

January 16th
Final Exam January 17th