Essentials of Computing I
Winter 2017 - 18

General material you should know:

Video Introduction to the course

Additional custom resources for this course


Exploring: Microsoft Office 2016, Volume 1
MaryAnne Poatsy, Montgomery County Community College
©2016 | Pearson

You will need a copy or access to a copy of MS Office 2016 or Office 365 or Office 2011/2016 for MAC.  Office is available on all Edinboro Computer labs.

Edinboro University provides students with a copy of Office 365 and the desktop version (Office 2013).  This can be downloaded and installed on your computer for use in this course.  The link Technology Resources - student information is

Office 365 Advantage

Office 365

Office 365 is a subscription service.  Office 2016 is the desktop software that you can purchase for your computer and have forever.  Your subscription to Office 365 is already provided by Edinboro University so you do not need to purchase Office 2016.  To read more about Office 365 vs Office 22016.

Plural Sight
How To Geek

If you have any problems you need to call the Edinboro help desk at (814) 732-2111 or use the link: Help Desk

Week 1

Dec 18,18,20,21,22


Computer Concepts

  • The PC hardware environment
  • The Windows operating system
    and system utilities
  • Overview of Computer Science
    • Software/Programming
    • Internals of a Computer
    • Operating Systems
    • Networks
    • Internet
  • Computer Literacy
  • E-Mail
Lecture Notes:

PowerPoint Notes on Concepts

Audio from 1st Lecture 8/30/2017; slides 1-10

Audio from 2nd lecture 9/6/2017; slides 11-27

Audio from 3rd lecture 9/8/2017; slides 28-34

Audio from 4th lecture 9/11/2017; slides 35-40 (and how audio and images are stored)

Audio from 5th lecture 9/13/2017; Review for the exam (see sample exam link below) and quick overview of PC Purchase assignment

Additional Computing Concepts Notes to Review - Good resource for learning computer basics

Please review the Basic Skills section from the link below. Then choose the Operating System of your computer and review that. These are very helpful tutorials.

Then go to the Comptuer Basics link below and go through the Hardware Basics tutorials, 3 through 7.

Assignment 1: Using Windows Explorer - show me a good directory structure of your flash drive for this semester.  This will include directories for each course, topics, and assignments.

  • Video on how to do this
  • On the root of your flash drive make a folder for each course you are currently taking
    • Within the folder for this class, make folders for:
      • Concepts Homework
      • MS Word
      • MS PowerPoint
      • MS Excel
      • Webpage
  • Put the homework file you made for the purchase of a laptop in the concepts homework folder.
  • Within the MS Word folder make folders for:
    • Chapter 1
    • Chapter 2
    • Chapter 3
    • Chapter 4
  • Do a print screen of your directory structure showing the folders, paste it into MS Word, put in the drop box in D2L..

Assignment 2: PC Purchase

Assume you have $700 to buy a laptop, go to and customize a laptop for this price or less. Take a screen shot (like you did for the windows explorer assignment) of the list of features. You can see a link to that when you go to the cart.and paste that into a word document.

Above your screen shot, write a paragarph containing the reasons why you chose the items you did such as the processor, RAM size, Hard-drive size and if you got a CD Burner, etc. Explain what you use your computer for and how these things help. This should be several sentances, only one paragraph.

Video of how to do this assignment

Some Sample Exam Quetions

Exam 1 - Computing Concepts- 12/22

Week 2

Dec 26th -> January 2nd


Begin Working with Microsoft Word:

Student Data Files Here

Also you can download zipped student data files from the publisher's site

Assignments: Check D2L for Due Dates

Chapter 1:

  • Intro Video
  • Hands on Exercises (throughout the chapter)
  • River City Media , Page 188
  • Runners at Heart, Page 192

Chapter 2: Due

Chapter 3:Due

Chapter 4:Due

  • Video on Citations
  • Hands on Exercises (skip Hands-On Exercise 3)
  • Live, Dine, Shop
  • WWW Web Services Agency (Note: skip Step h) (you make an index for those 3 words in step g.)

Exam 2 - 1/2
Sample Exam -- Video Solution to the Practice Exam (but give it a good try first!!)

I want to remind students about the use of Ctrl X, C, & V.  These are Cut, Copy & Paste respectively.  You may find this method of Cut & Paste much faster and easier

Jan 3rd & 4th

(2 days)


Web Page:


Our week of webpage

1) Creating an initial webpage - Notepad

2) FTP it up to your web space on the EUP server

3) How do people look at your web page

4) Make changes to your webpage
- background image
- Format the text
- Add an image

5) Make a 2nd Page
- backgroud color
- Bulleted list of hobbies

\\eup\dfs\webdir\d123456t\index.htm <- this is a sample of what you would use to open up the index file.  What will change is the name of the file.  In this case it's index.htm, but your 2nd page might be page2.htm

The sample URL will be:


New Video Part 1 (hosted on YouTube)

New Video Part 2 (hosted on YouTube)

Makeing Web page Part 1:

Web Page Assignment - e-mail the URL (not the actual web pages) to me.


Jan. 5th - 16th


Student Data Files Here

Check Out !!! -> Introduction videos

In-Class Notes


Chapter 1: Due

  • Hands on Exercises
  • Downtown Theatre
  • Real Estate Sales Report

Chapter 2: Due

Chapter 3: Due

  • Hands on Exercises
  • Trends in Market Value
  • Grade Analysis

  • For Practice Only: Appliance Sales

Chapter 4: Due

  • Hands on Exercises
  • Sunny Popcorn
  • Crafton Pet Supplies

Some Additional Practice Files:

Hints for the Excel exam - 1/16

  • Functions such as if(), average(), sum(), vlookup(), pmt(), average(), counta(), ......
  • Also how to format the spreadsheet, using currency, wrap text, colors, bold. 
  • Creating and adding Charts.
  • Know the some simple math such as:
    • percent increase or decrease
    • multiply, divide
    • weighted average
  • You will need to figure out which formula to use.
  • Do the easy stuff first - formatting, easy formulas, charts, etc... you may need to type in dummy data
  • Your formulas must be copyable
  • leave your best guess to a formula in the top cell
  • But you may need some dummy data for a chart
  • Know the material in this tutorial Excel Basics (need adobe flash)
  • Older Practice Exam (there's some stuff on here not coverd in the chapters we looked at)
  • Excel Practice Exam (on video tutorial page, need alobe flash)


Jan 17th & 18th

Begin working with PowerPoint:

Lets do this exercise as our introduction and notes for Power Point -> Solution Video

Student Data Files

Chapter 1: Due 12/1

  • Hands On Exercises
  • Tips for Successful Presentation

Chapter 2: Due 12/8

  • Hands On Exercises
  • Nutrition Guide

For on-line help check out the Microsoft tutorial

Sample Exam for just PowerPoint (will be on the final)

We'll have the PowerPoint exam integrated into the final exam.

Final Exam- Comprehensive, hands-on, based on Word, Excel & PowerPoint

We'll have this the last day of class - January 19th

Notes about the Final Exam