Taxi Log Practice Exercise

  1. Download this file
  2. Start excel 2013 and open the workbook.
  3. Format the charges area as follows
  4. Add the following column titles to the output log
  5. Format the miles columns with commas.
  6. In column F, compute the pickup charge
  7. In column G, compute the total miles for each trip.
  8. Calculate the mileage charge for each trip in column H.
  9. Calculate the waiting charge in column I.
  10. Calculate the total charge for each trip in column J
  11. In column K, calculate the percent change from the previous tip.
  12. In column L, compute the running total charge for all trips.
  13. To make the table easier to read, make the background of every two rows alternate between light blue and no background.
  14. Apply conditional formatting to the total charge column
  15. Apply conditional formatting to the Percent Change column
  16. Add an arrow to the $30.93 charge in column J
  17. Create a summary area in cells H24:J28
  18. Calculate Miles Driven.
  19. Calculate the miles charged
  20. Calculate the number of trips.
  21. Calculate the number of trips that were charged for time.
  22. Calculate the total fees
  23. Create a statistics table in cells D5 through G8
  24. Finally, merge cells D1 through L4 into a single cell
  25. My final image:
  26. Make sure all data is well formatted and visible.

Double check against the video of the solution !!