Video Tutorials for CSCI 104
Essentials of Computing I

Note: you need adobe Flash to see most of these videos!!!

Using Windows Explorer

Video demonstration on making folders


Microsoft Word

MS Word Part 1

MS Word Part 2

How to use Citations

How to use styles and create a table of Contents

Importing an Image & text justification

Making an Index (sorry, please ignore the bad audio noise)

Cross Reference Sample (cuts off at end, but all the good stuff is there)




The following is an introduction to the basics of excel using a school fund raising example. The unedited excel file is here if you want to follow along:

The following video is a compilation of various aspects of excel. You can view any part by clicking on the appropriate button.
Note: It may take a minute to download, but as it opens it adds buttons on the left:

Some more video examples:
(Sorry about the audio quality, I'll try and fix it for next time)

Excel Practice Exam

  1. Download the file: Practice Exam Link
  2. In F4 write a formula to computer the test average, Copy down.
  3. In H4 you are to write a formula that gives a bonus or penalty based on the number of homeworks they did.  Each student is supposed to do 12 (E19).  For each missing you take 2 points(E20) off. For each extra you add 1 point (E21).  This determines their bonus or penalty if they have one at all.
  4. Then take that number and add it to their test average to get the semester average.
  5. Then use a HLOOKUP (Same as VLOOKUP but Horizontal in stead of Vertical) to determine their letter grade based on the grading criteria table.
  6. Format it close to what is shown.
  7. Practice making some Pie and column charts also.

Video of the solution (Please don't look at this until you given the sample exam and honest effort!)

Solution in the image below ▼

Web Page

To make a web page you do the following:

  1. Create your web pages (You'll probably use MS Word)
    1. You will Save as 'web page'
  2. Upload the pages to the EUP web server using an FTP (file transfer protocol) client
  3. Test it to make sure it works.
    1. The sample URL will be: http:\\\d123456t\


1st Video - This video shows you how to make a very simple web page using MS Word. Before that I show how to connect to the EUP web server using Windows Explorer with drag-and-drop. Please ignore the 30 sec. spot where I'm looking for something.

2nd Video - This video shows how to make a background color and create word art. It also shows how to create a 2nd page and make a hyper-link from your 1st (home) page to open your 2nd page. I also make a link from your new 2nd page back to your home page.

3rd Video - In this video I talk about how to add a time-stamp to show when your web page was last updated. I also show how to ad an e-mail link and using a table to align your text and images to it looks good when you open it up on the Internet. There is often a significant difference between how your web page looks in Word and how it looks on the Internet. In this video I run into an error where I ran out of web server space. You shouldn't have this issue. I had to delte some images from my web page and re-copy it to the web server.

EUP's Tech & Comm has a site with some information → A link to Tech & Comm.'s explanation on how to edit your page from home.

Looks like this linkis not working, I'm looking for the new link.  But you can all the info you need from the tutorial above!