Some Notes to get you Started

How to make a new web page:

  1. Open Notepad++
  2. Create your page
  3. Save it up to the web sever
    1. Keep in mind the directory structure
    2. You likely will need to link it somewhere

How to edit an existing page:

  1. Open File Explorer and locate the web page you want to edit.
    1. If on Campus, you'll probably have to type the path into the address bar: \\eup\dfs\webdir\dt123456 (for example)
    2. If on-line, find your working directory on your computer and locate the file you want to edit.
  2. Right-click and open with ....Notepad++.
  3. If working from home: open a 2nd instance of File Explorer and connect via to copy it up to the web server to make it live.


How to see your page on the internet:

You cannot truly test your webpage while logged into the Edinboro network !!!!!

Two testing options:

  1. Have someone else look at your page and test your links and images
  2. Look at your web page from outside the edinboro network