Review for 1st Exam


1.       Explain what Object Oriented programming is.

2.       What is an IDE vs. using notepad

3.       Write a simple program

4.       How would you change the property of a label (like color)

5.       How would you convert text to integer that is in a text box?

6.       How would you convert integer to string?

7.       How would you format text to have dollar signs & commas?

8.       Why use radio buttons, what instance would you?

9.       Same for check boxes

10.   Why do we need variables?

11.   How do you define a variable?

12.   What does it mean if a variable is global?

13.   What are the advantages & disadvantages to global variables?

14.   What does ďscopeĒ mean as it relates to computer variables?

15.   Data types, why do we have them

16.   Give some examples of using data types

17.   What does a compiler do?Whatís our compiler?

18.   What is machine code & why do we need to convert it to that?

19.   What is the purpose of the try/catch block?

20.   Message box?

21.   Order of operations

22.   Boolean expressions?, why have them

23.   Examples of using Boolean expressions

24.   Testing for true or false

25.   What does Short Circuit do/mean?

26.   If statements

27.   Input validation

28.   Case structure

29.   Sub Procedures & Functions

30.   Iíll have you answers some short answer questions

31.   Iíll have you write some code:

a.       Sub procedure that returns an answer

b.      Pass value down to it

c.       Use conditional/Boolean expression