CSCI 320 Lab 5

A Third COBOL Program (using FTP and local editor)


  1. Using previous programs as models, write a program for the STUDENT-LISTING described below:



Student ID  Student Name         Grade

1 ->5         6 ->25                    26-27  



STUDENT-LISTING, This should be a listing of all the students in the file.  If you have extra time calculate the class grade average .



This time enter the program on the local machine, and then send it to the VAX using ftp.  Open WordPad (or Notepad)

Use the following select statements:



Save as: M: LAB5.COB (or whatever is your network drive) you may also use your flash drive


  1. Create the data file.  Open a clean page in WordPad. Type the following:

12339ABLE, SUSAN           35

14902MILLER, CARLOS        30

23961DIMSDALE, DARING      15

34500RICKELS, DON          20

            (be careful to adhere to the format above).

            Save as LAB5.DAT

  1. Move the files to the VAX.  Start the FTP program under the MSDOS command application:

C> M:

C>ftp     (remember: ftp is a lower case world)

(login and password)

ftp> ascii

ftp> put m:/lab5.cob      (check for the transmission message to be sure it worked)

ftp> put m:/lab5.dat

ftp> dir                                    (this will list your files on the VAX, be sure they are there)

(minimize the ftp screen)

  1. Start a telnet session using TeraTerm or Putty.  Logon and run your program:


(If you have errors, you can fix them using EDIT/EDT as last week, or you can go back to your Notepad version, fix and resend using FTP screen).

            $ LINK LAB5

            $ RUN LAB5

  1. Copy results back to your machine

Maximize the ftp screen and type:

ftp> get lab5.lis    (this will come to wherever you are at on the PC)

ftp> get report5.dat