CSCI 320 Final Exam                                            Spring 2010


Write a program that creates an indexed payroll file from a .DAT file.  Add the following functionality to your program:

  1. Create the index file from the .DAT file

  2. Give the following interactive options:

    1. Add Employee
    2. edit existing Employee salary information
    3. Give an option to print out all of the records
    4. Note that you must use an indexed file for the accessing and storage of the data.


 - You'll need to load the .DAT file into the index file.

 - Then do the lookup and what not

 - Your program will ask the user to input the Employee number, then for a new Salary.


Sample Data - > Final.txt


Sample Run -> Run


To get Started -> Code


Format of data:


Field Size Type No. of Decimal Positions (if Numeric)
EMPLOYEE-NO 5 Alphanumeric  
EMPLOYEE-NAME 20 Alphanumeric  
TERRITORY-NO 2 Alphanumeric  
OFFICE-NO 2 Alphanumeric  
FILLER 45 Alphanumeric  


Honor Statement:

This is a take home Final Exam and I expect you to do your own work, it is of course open book and notes but you may not use another person.



Have your source code copied to the exam directory by Sunday 11:59pm 




Be sure you set protection on it so I can compile and run it.  This is really important now because you have only one shot for me to make sure I can compile and run it.


Print out should look something like: