Recommended Steps to Completing Your Project:

  1. Get your design done
  2. Build the menu - create a menu.php file to include on every page.
  3. Use PhpMyadmin to build 3 tables
  4. Connect to your database - make db.php, include on every page
  5. Create a .php page to display all your dummy customer data
  6. Create a .php page to add a customer - tie to your menu ("Create an Account")
  7. Create a .php page to edit a customer - tie to your menu, put under admin for now
  8. Create the feedback page
  9. Add "welcome" to home page
  10. Start adding pages that link to your products menu items
  11. Add page under admin to add a product
  12. Add page under admin to edit a product (add drop down functionality to select the product)
  13. Add Login Ability
    1. Add link for users to login
    2. Create logic that shows name, if logged in, else give link to login. Put on each page.
  14. Add functionaity to purchase a product from your previous product listing pages (now that someone is logged in)
    1. You'll need to make the Transaction (orders) table
    2. When someone hits the "buy" button, it adds a record to the transactions table and displays it.
    3. Consider adding a line-Item table where users can buy more than one thing per purchase.
  15. Almost done, tie up any loose ends , formatting , images etc.