Git Instructions for our situation using Android Studio and

1) Go to, log in and create a repository for your project.

2) In android Studio:

  1. VCS -> Enable Version Control
  2. Select GIT from the drop down menu
  3. The file names should turn red now in the tabs (if you have any open)
  4. Make sure you are seeing the files, they should be red.
    1. Depending on your version this is either a the bottom under Version Control tab
    2. Or at the Commit tab at the left
    3. You can also go to the View menu and select to show Commit or Version Control
  5. Using this window select all the files in your project
    1. click the top one then scroll down and shift-click the last one
  6. Right click on the selection -> add to VCS
  7. Go to codestore and copy the URL from the address bar
  8. Go back to Anroid Studio
    1. Go to VCS->GIT
    2. Remotes...
    3. het the "+"
    4. Paste the URL from codestore in
    5. Hopefully you have to login in , but you may not have to
    6. Select it and hit "OK"
    7. Connect to original
    8. Make sure again all are selected except any VCS stuff down below in the Version Control tab
    9. Go to VCS menu again and Commit...
      1. or right click on the list of green files and choose commit.
    10. A dialog box pops up or a window is added. Add a comment in the Commit Message box about theses changes , if its the 1st time just put "Initial Commit"
    11. At bottom hit the down arrow next to Commit and choose "Commit and Push"
    12. You might get a box with Code Analysis, I usually just hit the "Commit and Push"
    13. Box opens, click the Push at bottom. Depending on your interface you should see the bar at the bottom right doing something, then a "Push successful" message
    14. That should be it. Go to code store, refresh and check that your program files are there.
    15. From here on in for this project you should only have to commit every time you make a change. You can just right click on the file that you changed in the version control or commit tab and commit.
  9. Go into codestore and add people who you want to see it, like your professor.
    1. Settings
    2. Members
    3. Select the people you want to give access to
    4. Make them master.